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Labor and Material Warranty

Our installers are trained and experienced. Our installation methods meet the highest requirements of the industry. The products we supply are chosen from the best that are available. We constantly research the latest advances in technology and materials to maintain high levels of quality and performance. Smart Guard Gutters stands behind every one of its products and services.


LABOR: Smart Guard Gutters has a five (5) year labor warranty (see below link for details)


MATERIAL: product warranties are backed by national manufacturers and are available by clicking the appropriate links below


Warranty period starts from date of original installation. During warranty period, should the product fail to perform to our specifications due to defective installation, we will bring the workmanship up to our professional standards. Some limitations apply, please see below.

Warranty becomes void

  • Should damage occur due to deterioration from improper care as specified by the manufacturer
  • If corrosion is caused from chemicals or improper cleaning
  • Upon acts of nature, including but not limited to wind, hurricane, tornado, fire, flood or ice.
  • If any damage is caused by persons.
  • If the roof is replaced or alterations to the roofline have occurred since the original installation.
  • If proper maintenance is not performed – including regular clean outs of the gutters and downspouts.


Warranty only covers work originally completed by Smart Guard Gutters. If we are contracted to repair an existing gutter, it is not covered under warranty, including but not limited to: resealing leaks, reinstalling fallen gutters, adding hangers, and repitching.


Smart Guard Gutters will not be held responsible for any hardware, fixtures, electronics or electrical wiring that may be damaged during installation. Environment and age cause deterioration/corrosion and we recommend replacing fragile items or arranging to have them removed prior to our arrival.


Contract and payment:


Contracts are accepted by signature consent only from the owner of the property, property manager or authorized person. Smart Guard Gutters will follow through as final contract is discussed. Contract may become void under reasonable statement. Owner or property manager must submit written cancellation prior to installation.


Scope of work may change if unforeseen damage is discovered during installation. Pricing will be discussed with the property owner or property manager before additional work is done. All material quoted is matched to the existing as best as possible.


Payments are due on the date of completion. If paying with a credit card, a 3% convenience fee will be applied. Accounts 30 days past due are subject to a finance charge of 3% per month including lien of property and charges in collection costs and reasonable attorney fees.






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