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Keep Your Gutters Flowing

Do you want an alternative to cleaning your gutters? Gutter Guards are installed on top of new or existing gutters to prevent debris from internally clogging your gutter system. Gutter cleaning cost accumulate over time which is another great reason to invest in gutter guards. They can also increase the longevity of your gutters by keeping them stronger and free of debris. 

Smart Guard Gutters has done the research for you and has picked 3 of the very best options of Gutter Guards.  The types of Gutter Guards we offer are listed below and are compared as Good, Better and Best.

Gutter Guard Options


Leaf Relief DuoPro

DuoPro is a dual-layer gutter protection system designed to prevent fine debris, such as pine needles, from entering the gutter system and blocking it.

The unique design delivers unparalleled protection against sap, pollen and dirt build-up that can clog screen products and diminish performance. We’re so confident in DuoPro, we’ve backed it with a 35-year No Clog, No Overflow warranty for your peace of mind.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Dual Layer Guard – Designed to block fine debris such as pine needles from getting clogged or building up on top of your gutters.
  • Continuous Hanger System – Standard gutter systems use hangers spaced out along the gutter.  This can cause weak spots and sagging over time.  DuoPro supports your gutter along the entire system providing superior gutter strength and durability.
  • Roll Back Technology – This design on the front of the gutter helps send excessive rainwater back into the gutter instead of allowing it to ‘waterfall’ over the front of the gutter
  •  35-Year Limited Warranty


Hydro Flo

Made with strong 3105 alloy aluminum base with #18 stainless steel mesh. 2 Layer system that prevents small debris from entering your gutters.  Resists pine needles and another objects. Available in retro-fit (existing gutters). 

Key Benefits and Features

  • Dual layer stainless steel mesh that prevents small debris like pine needles from clogging your gutters
  • Retro-fit – Can be installed on new or existing gutter systems
  • Does not interfere with roof shingles
  • Available in stainless steel or black
  • 25 year warranty


Gutter Rx

Economical and efficient way to protect your gutters. Make with 98% recycled aluminum. 

Key Benefits and Features

  • Available in white or bronze
  • Low cost, economical solution for Gutter Guards
  • 20 year warranty 
  • Low Profile design
  • Retro-fit – Can be installed on new or existing gutter systems